SUP surf & race + Longboard + Shortboard


Two-time bronze medalist at the European Championship which makes her the first  Swede ever to receive an international medal in Surfing. She is the first and only Swedish woman competing at the LQS an WSL event. Sofie has represented Sweden since 2014 and is still a part of the Swedish national team in surfing; Swedish surfing association.  


  • Longboard LQS, Cornwall (17th)
  • European Championship SUP, Denmark (11th)


  • WSL LQS, Portugal (9th)
  • ISA World SUP surf, El Salvador (18th)


  • 12Towers, Australia (7th)
  • European Championship SUP,Sardinia (No waves, no contest)
  • ISA World surfing games, Japan (73rd)
  • ISA Worlds SUP surf, China (21st)


  • 12 Towers, Australia (6th)
  • Noosa festival of surfing, Australia (3rd)
  • European Championship SUP surf, Portugal (3rd)
  • ISA Worlds SUP surf, Denmark (25th)
  • King of the cut, Australia (5th)
  • Palms2Pines, Australia (1st)
  • " Best SUP Athlete of the year ", Swedish Surfing Association
  • Acknowledgement for International medal, Swedish Athlete Gala


  • National de Mexico SUP surf, Mexico (6th)
  • European Championship SUP surf, France (3rd)
  • Swedish Nationals SUP surf, Sweden (2nd)
  • ISA Worlds SUP surf, Fiji (13th)

2015 & 2014

  • ISA Worlds SUP surf, Mexico (13th)
  • SUP Wave Classic, Sweden (4th)