Sofie Simonsson a professional surfer from Sweden

Sofie Simonsson

Is a Professional Surfer from Sweden, a two-time bronze medalist at the European Championship and the first Swede to receive an international medal in Surfing. She has represented Sweden at the Worlds & Euros for the past 9years and is pre selected for the Swedish team 2023. Sofie is also a part of the European ROXY team and SUNOVA International surf team. Sofie works closely with brands that shares her values and vision.

She aims to empower others to live their dreams and inspire them to discover their true potential. With a love for surfing, nature, self- development and travel she weaves her dreams into a surfing kind of lifestyle.

She believes that community is a huge part of surfing and have made many important and beautiful friendships around the globe. Sofie shares her passion for surfing where ever she goes through clinics, yoga and genuine love for the sport and lifestyle.